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A San Diego based agency specializing in Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads for e-commerce brands.

With over a decade of experience in the world of digital marketing, the ladies at Sea Storm Media know the strategies and funnels that work best with paid social ads, while understanding that each brand is unique and requires a customized approach.

We’ll put together a plan that gets data & results fast. We hypothesize, design, and split test EVERYTHING at a high tempo to get you ROAS positive in the first month. We understand the importance of ongoing testing, too many times agencies will find an audience or creative that works and then they coast. At Sea Storm Media, it is important to continuously test alongside evergreen audiences and creatives so you never risk campaign fatigue and continue driving sales.

About Us

Sea Storm Media is founded by two badass women with a fixation for the ocean, adventure, and marketing. 

With the same work strategies and drive, we partnered to create Sea Storm Media, a company that reflects who we are, our journey from living on the Atlantic to the Pacific, as well as our passion or rather obsession with the ocean.  The ocean can be calm and graceful yet it has an unpredictable strength that can take on anything in its path.  Sea Storm Media combines both our strengths individually, as well as the power of our network and social media identities, and followers that have taken us this far.

We are looking forward to partnering with you and building your brand as we would for our very own.

Google Ads PPC

Strategic PPC ads that your prospects are happy to see and eager to click. From extensive keyword research to continuous tests + optimizations, we develop PPC strategies that meet your customers wherever they are in their buyers journey.

Instagram & Facebook Ads

Full funnel social media advertising by experts who know how to acquire new customers, recapture past customers, and lower ads costs. Always testing + optimizing, and adapting to the digital trends. We don’t just ride the waves, we crush them.

Content Creation

With the platforms overwhelmed by a multitude of advertisers, it’s important to have creative that makes waves and stands out amongst the crowd. We work with select designers + videographers who can make your creatives come to life!

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“SeaStorm has been the only agency (out of many) that could consistently provide profitable facebook campaigns for our e-commerce company. Tracy and team created thought-out strategies to get us the highest ROAS and then continued to test and optimize each campaign until we achieved our goals. They constantly made tweaks and adjustments to make sure that we weren’t wasting money and our budget was going towards the most beneficial and profitable campaigns. So many agencies focus on scaling your ad spend without ever considering your margins, break-even, and profitability. Sea Storm Media made sure we were achieving the profits we needed before scaling up. Nothing but positive things to say about them!”

Skylar Bennett, Tough Apparel

“Working with Haley at Sea Storm Media has been nothing short of AMAZING! The attention and dedication they give to my company is world class! Haley treats us as if we were actually coworkers rather than an outside vendor.

The ladies at Sea Storm Media are hard diligent workers, who truly care about our success and go above and beyond for us. Any company that hires SeaStorm Media will be very happy with them.

We went through 8-10 other social media companies before them and we will never go anywhere else.”

Randy Ferman, Shark Fin Shears


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